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People we’ve taught talk about the many benefits of AT

My needs and perception have changed over time, it’s all very connected and I think AT practice is a very interesting way to help me see, help me observe, and feel that connection intuitively.  MM, 2016

I have increased peacefulness, relaxation, and less anxiety, I am more in touch with my body, more centred.  I take time out for myself now and find the personal affirmations empowering – I definitely feel stronger and feel more in control. DS, 2015

I’ve got an affirmation I add to my AT – about moving forward and not looking in the past, about finding the gratitude. So really for me, it’s move forward, don’t look back, and be thankful!  AT helps me with that.  LE, 2017

AT has had an impact on me physiologically and emotionally – it feels like it has had an impact on my autonomic nervous system, I am calmer, and I have more joy, DD, Trainee counsellor, 2015

I am now able to passively observe and to recognize and accept that sometimes things are just as they are – and I am able to let go if things are not in my control. AA, 2015

After 3 weeks of AT practice, I experienced everything I wanted and failed to find from 11 months of intensive CBT. JS, 2007

Autogenic Therapy helps me switch off, stop striving for results and find inner peace. Then I am refreshed and ready to meet challenges head on. CH, 2011

I have learned that it is possible to manage anxiety. I have realised that feelings of anxiety don’t necessarily mean  anything. Previously I believed that they automatically signaled a very dangerous situation. Now I feel more confident that I can control my feelings rather than vice versa. CK, 2013

I am more tolerant, less quick to react, less striving – I’ve lowered my unrealistic expectations of others. DA, 2011

My anxiety has reduced, and I am more accepting of situations beyond my control. CH, 2011

This course was so uplifting and positive, although at times it was necessary to deal with difficult things …. I feel stronger and more positive, and … am nicer to be with! AC 2002

I sleep more deeply and through AT I have a working tool to help me get a grip on anxiety and stressful situations. I am much calmer and react better now to situations that previously would have made me very anxious. CH, 2011

After learning AT I feel that I have begun to shift my attitude and I have become more accepting and positive and kinder to myself. VB, 2013

After just a few weeks practising AT, I’m already feeling much better and more positive. I feel much calmer, less anxious and better rested. AW, 2011

As a doctor, I lead a hectic life and knew my palpitations were due to stress. The addition of AT into my daily routine has given me a new lease of life. AC, 2003

I have stopped taking painkillers! There was no panic when I found I had run out.  Then I realised I could cope with the pain. SW, 1999

AT has helped me resolve past issues and given me more confidence and overall control of my symptoms. I am more relaxed and less judgmental. JI, 2011

AT gives me a way of switching out of my normal stressful environment and relaxing my body and mind. I am more accepting and less harassed. BM, 2011

AT has brought many changes in my life. I feel calmer … more in control, and am sleeping well. JC, 2008

My depression has diminished, and I am generally less anxious. I have less distress around my insomnia. JI, 2011

I would not hesitate to recommend AT to anyone who finds it hard to relax, both in mind and body. AB, 2008

I feel more relaxed and cope better when under pressure; I feel more in control. GL, 2011

My health has improved, in particular my migraines, which are less frequent and less intense. I have achieved far more than I could have imagined at the outset. BC, 2011

I feel calmer and more able to cope with the pressures of family life I am more self-confident, accepting and relaxed. ML, 2011

I didn’t know what to expect from AT but I found the process interesting and helpful right from the start. AT has made a massive difference and improvement to my general health and sense of well-being. JM, 2013

It’s amazing to feel well again thanks to AT. JC, 2013

I have learned how to ‘be still at will’, and without knowing how it happened I have been more relaxed and generally happier… and organised myself to have more FUN! PW 2008

As a busy teacher, I was worried about the next Ofsted inspection. Using AT reduced my anxiety levels and increased my confidence and so I performed much more effectively. PG 1999