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Clinical Evidence

Information on this page compiled by Ruth Naylor, BA, MS, MBA (Hons), AA, Dip AT

* AT induces the Relaxation Response.
Behavioral Medicine, Volume15, pages 125-132, 1989.

* Relaxation can be an appropriate and relevant therapeutic tool to help counteract several stress-related disease processes and certain health-restrictions, particularly in some immunological, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

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AT is also therapeutic alongside medical treatment for illnesses made worse by stress:

* Cancer and HIV patients sleep better and feel better about themselves, and may increase their immune responses.
Kermani, K ‘Stress, Emotions, Autogenic Training and AIDS: A Holistic Approach to management of HIV-infected individuals’, Holistic Medicine, Volume 2, pages 203-215, 1987.

* Women with early breast cancer reported anxiety and depression markedly reduced and immune marker cell level especially CD8 and natural Killer cells improved in those who appeared to be in a fully meditative state during AT practice, and they report an improved sense of coping along with improved sleep. Hidderley, M and Holt, M. European Journal of Oncology Nursing, Volume 8, pages 61-65, 2004.

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Audits and evaluations on AT

Here is a selection of reports and articles. Some can be viewed in full by following the links and others are available on request.

Autogenic Training – a non-drug approach to anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia
Bowden, Ann D, MB ChB, DCH, MFHom., A report on the introduction of Autogenic Training into a Primary Care Group, Harrow East and Kingsbury PCG (now Harrow PCT), The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, October 2002

An audit of patients who have attended Autogenic Training at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital
Bowden, Ann D, MB ChB, DCH, MFHom., ‘A Discussion Paper on the promotion of Autogenic Training in an NHS Hospital’, The Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, November 1992.
This audit showed positive and interesting results.

AT in Migraine – a pilot study
Small pilot for Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living. GPs referred.

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