SKYPE Therapists

  • In 2016 Britain’s National Health Service launched 24/7/365 access to a GP for diagnosis and treatment online via SKYPE or FaceTime = read about it HERE
  • This follows a longstanding trend of health care professionals’ outreach to people who live far away or who prefer not to travel to a health care provider’s office.
  • Whatever your reasons for wanting to not travel to our offices, whether personal or business, we will work with you remotely if you have access to a computer or smartphone.

SKYPE is free! You can find all about it right here:  We find that clients who live or travel thousands of miles away from the UK benefit and our therapists working remotely find that juggling time zones is simple. This means that you can learn AT over 8 weeks even though you may be housebound or out of the UK some or all of those weeks.
Here is the list of BAS trained Autogenic Therapists who will have earned qualifications from BAS and who will be pleased to work with you remotely.  Click through on their names to read their profiles and then contact them directly.