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Creativity Mobilisation Technique – learned in 8 meetings over 9 weeks, in groups or individually

Approaching life in a creative way helps us to live up to our potential and to discover and enjoy our own authentic self.  This helps connect us to community in positive and vibrant ways.  Learning how to let go of analysis, criticism and judgement – when we want to – allows us freedom to be more productive and satisfied. This learning is what Creativity Mobilisation Technique (CMT) is all about.

CMT is a non-verbal method focused on the process of making and not with the end product.  It has many similarities to art school techniques used for freeing artists to be more creative in their making processes.

First, meet in a group or one-to-one with your CMT therapist for 2 hours.  Your homework is to make a series of “no-thought mess paintings” in the privacy of your own home 4 times a week. Using powder paint on newspapers, you will try to make as big a painting mess as possible on the paper without controlling colour selection or emerging patterns. Here are a few examples of “non-thought mess paintings” made by the same person.


After each session of no-thought mess painting, make notes of your experience.  Bring your notes and your paintings to the next weekly meeting and share with your tutor and with others if you are in a group.  The length of weekly meetings depend on group size.

CMT is a short term, far reaching therapy method developed in the 1970s by Dr Wolfgang Luthe.  The findings of Dr Luthe and others in the 1970s, and the experience of British Autogenic Society therapists, suggest that the method is unique.  It is thought that making mess paintings releases mental and emotional blockages thus freeing our inner personal self through promoting creativity and overcoming the boundaries of convention without judgement or criticism. Some people report that long forgotten thoughts, memories and emotions start to surface spontaneously and with the guidance of your CMT therapist these can be worked through safely. Some participants report that after learning CMT welcome life changes take place and newly released energy “flows freely – like water”.

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