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Autogenic Neutralisation

AN is a simple, powerful therapeutic approach developed by Dr Wolfgang Luthe. BAS trained AN Therapists have found it particularly helpful for people whose emotional trauma manifests through the body, or who are depressed or anxious.

AN is a specific and unique way of working with your Therapist who acts as a guide and a support whilst you take immediate charge of the process.  This fosters your increasing independence and self-confidence.

Autogenic Neutralisation flourishes when you take an attitude of passive observation and acceptance as you verbally express out loud and in a free flowing way whatever comes to your mind whilst you are deeply relaxed.  Your AN Therapist is present simply to help if you get stuck and to support you to remain able to verbalise without restraint.  When people are able to stay deeply relaxed whilst speaking about what’s going on within, the brain knows exactly what issues need addressing and how to resolve these in the shortest time and with the minimum of distress.

What you say aloud is recorded.  You take the recording and transcribe and comment on it in writing in the privacy of your own home.  You bring your notes to the next meeting and share them with your Therapist who does not interpret your narrative in any way.  You do your own interpreting, or not, as you feel you want to do.  Once weekly meetings last about 90 minutes, and in time you are able to work this way for yourself at home with occasional guidance and support from your AN Therapist as and when you feel you need it.

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