A Good Night’s Sleep, a Clear Mind and a Calm Body

● Can’t unwind? Stressed out? Sleep disturbed? Life too much?

● Autogenic Training (AT) can help you get refreshed with a better night’s sleep, see stresses in a new light, be calmer over time, and become authentically YOU!

● AT helps people boost general confidence and well-being, energy, and creativity! Performance can improve too!  In sport, music, classroom, boardroom, and with your family.

● With consistent AT practice, you may be able to reduce stress-related symptoms of irritable bowel, blood pressure, chronic fatigue, some forms of arthritis, and more.

● YOU can have a calmer you practising safe, natural, drug-free, simple-to-learn Autogenic Training!  Learn in 8 to 10 once weekly meetings with an AT therapist via office based or online distance learning.  Click HERE to find an AT therapist and Learn AT for yourself.

● YOU can learn to Teach AT to others.  Start a new career or grow your own practice! Learn to Teach AT to others the British Autogenic Society way.  Click HERE to learn more about our society’s professional training courses.

●  The British Autogenic Society is a professional society with the twin aims of (1) educating the general public and health care professionals about Autogenic Therapies and (2) ensuring member therapists teach AT ethically and to the highest standards.  To read more out BAS, click HERE.

Autogenic Training is scientifically researched and proven to induce the Relaxation Response.  AT engages your mind and body together in deep relaxation to help you let go of stress, help you unwind and get back into balance again.  For people with chronic conditions AT may help improve your quality of life.  AT helps make space for spontaneous, often subtle, mental and physical changes to happen.  This is known as the autogenic (self-generated) process.  To learn more about AT click HERE.